Verruca and The Wildlings — Ep7: Favourite Human Pleasures

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I’ve been living rent-free on Pixel’s forehead for about five months now. Unlike aggressive viruses that dream of terminating humans, warts like me are happy to hang around and live with our host until they take themselves to the dreaded skintologist.

Yesterday, Pix had a group of wildlings around. They came for their usual shenanigans: joints, munchies, random jabberings. They seem bored out of their wits. One of them, a shaved-headed girl with a beaky nose, asked the group a provocative question.

“What’s the point of human life?” Bald Eagle asked, her beady eyes darting around.

Everyone pursed their lips. No one said a word. This was, perhaps, one of the most confounding questions humans ask themselves in private. In the background, music filled the silence. Pleasure, pleasure, pleasure meee…the singer crooned in a tune that crumpled a few faces.

“What if we live for the pleasures?” Pix suggested. Ears perked up. “And what if you could have only five human pleasures? Which would you choose?”

Her strange ideas and cheerful presence offered a comfortable detour from Bald Eagle’s wretched question.

“There must be some criteria, though. They must be reliable pleasures — ones that are readily available most times.”

The mood lifted, and slowly, answers came around.

“Music. Food. Massage. Romance. Playing funny games…in that order.”

“Psychedelics. Friendships. Dancing. Music. Sex on opium.”

“The smell and taste of a strong coffee. Warm baths. Mouth kisses. Neck kisses. Going to the toilet…you know, to download — I love Me Time on the ol’ throne.”

“My eyesight — I wouldn’t want to lose my vision; Intimacy. Laughing. Stories. Daydreams.”

“Skiing. Partying. Sleeping. All fruits except bananas. Oh! And an agreeable lover.” Everyone nodded their heads in agreement to having an agreeable lover.

A long-haired dude from the country of Wildgoons finished rolling a joint and gave it to Pixel to light. It’s a gesture of goodwill, a gift. He was relatively young but looked time-worn, with a strong whiff of sexy and an aftershave made of good humour.

“My Pleasure Number One…Are you ready? …Air!” Goonie rapped, and received giggles. “Pleasure Number Two! Are you ready? …Water!”

“Hold on,” Cora jeered. “Air gives you pleasure?”

“Yeah. I love breathing. Go to the mountains…ahhh…fresh air. What could be better? And I love water; Drinking water. Floating in water…” Goonie carried on to complete his pleasures: “Adventures. Motorbikes. Chess…”

Cool breeze blew in.

Pixel has a new crush.

Next Episode : Menace To Society

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First Episode : A Pandemic Special




Connecting you with audiences through clear, relatable, human messaging and stories. Freelance. Published on Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., The Kathmandu Post

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Megan Leung

Megan Leung

Connecting you with audiences through clear, relatable, human messaging and stories. Freelance. Published on Forbes, HuffPost, Inc., The Kathmandu Post

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