Verruca and The Wildlings: Ep5 — We Never Die

Many humans are ‘exiting’. Pixel and Cora send their loved ones off in a conversation about immortality.

Megan Leung
3 min readJan 22, 2021


Today Pixel received news. She got out of bed early to welcome the sunrise and later warmed herself up with a cup of strong black coffee. She logged in to a computer-generated community called FriendStalker and found a newly-sent message from a years-ago lover. Her coffee was enough to induce a heart attack, but it was this out-of-the-blue letter that made her heart jump furiously.

Hey mad one.

Found out not long ago that I have a terminal disease. I’m decomposing. I have little time left in my hourglass, but I’m ready to have my last dance. This lifetime was beautiful for me. It was beautiful knowing you. Thank you. Don’t break too many hearts mmkay. xx

Her shoulders fell and her whole body slumped. Meanwhile, her housemate Cora got up to start her day. She made an omelette for herself and Pixel. Cora, too, received news.

“I was told that my biological dad died last night,” Cora shared. She was adopted when she was a year old and had met her blood father only two years ago.

“How do you feel?”

“I’m happy I met him when I did. Now I understand my madness more. I think a lot of it came from him. When I met up with him he showed me his drawings. For other people those drawings would be very disturbing, but I liked them. It showed me the workings of his mind.”

“You’re not sad?”

“I didn’t really know him, but he made sure that I grew up with a good and loving family. I wish him well on his journey. May his soul travel happily to the next life — this is my prayer for all the departed.”

“We never really die,” Pix added, “…but it still hurts to no longer be able to hold, or to be held by, or to hear the familiar comfort of our loved ones’ voices and laughter.”

“I think when we move on from this physical space we still exist and communicate through the elements: in the touch of the winds and the movement of the waters, in the dance of the fire and the whisper of the mountains. We’re still alive…only in different ways.”

The girls finished their breakfast. Pixel spilt some tears.

“An old lover messaged me on FriendStalker. He’s dying.” She calmed her trembling voice. “…but he seems ready to leave.”

“I’m happy for anyone who transitions from here to eternity in peace. Death casts a shadow on all life form. When our parents deliver us, they deliver us to death. Maybe that is why the birth experience is painful. Maybe it feels much nicer existing in a space without senses.”

“But then ‘feeling’ wouldn’t be a thing. I like feeling the feels — the pain and the pleasures; the absolute fuckery of it all and the delicious surprises that are always waiting to be discovered.

“The human experience.”

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